The token of Ronaldo's
best moments

The first token of its kind, Cr7 SIUUU is the
new trend leader.



The first and only token in the history of crypto that is named after a football player. The all-time most popular soccer player in history, Cristiano Ronaldo, CR7, particularly his SIU celebration shout. We believe that innovation is seeing what everybody has seen but thinking of what nobody has thought of. CR7 SIUUU TOKEN is the change we need. The essential reason of this token is to compete with Dogecoin, thus, CR7 SIUUU aims to become the best Meme Coin in the world for investors. A new perception of crypto in this digital era, we created the most powerful name for our brand, CR7 SIUUU TOKEN. Are you ready for the first footballer token designed to keep all charts going up while giving you realistic benefits just for holding and watch your money grow?


The team behind this Coin is a group of individuals passionate about developing the world of meme coin with revealed identities and well known to public.


We are honored to partner with CR7 SIUUU TOKEN, a truly unique and innovative concept born from the marriage of virtual reality and reality presented in CR7.


All is about strong development is the core of our structure, Not only does it create valuable business and intellectual, but also helps making your fortune stable in an ever-changing world.


CR7 SIUUU TOKEN will launch its own clothing brand of sport clothes and equipment, in which the brand's logo is the token name, giving it in honor to CR7 celebrating SIU shout.


CR7 SIUUU TOKEN fans play a greater role in the development field by continuous changes and taking decisions, which surely mean continuous sharing.


In CR7 SIUUU TOKEN we believe that a child with Autism can become so many things! Most of them are highly intelligent, caring and academically excellent. Thus we support them!!


CR7 SIUUU TOKEN, This young meme coin is linked to its own metaverse project. This one is owned by its community and creators, making CR7 characters' NFT the most famous collection. These NFTs will be used, among other things, to buy plots in this new competing metaverse's platform. We aim to build the biggest metaverse of Cristiano Ronaldo characters -and related fields- that had ever existed. Will work with CR7 fans and sports passionate community to bring their metaverse to life. CR7 SIUUU TOKEN also adopted another way to make its fingerprints on the world through charity for the benefits of autistic children in order to assist them to reach their full potential! Being a part of CR7 SIUUU token community you're being a part of a helpful and uncommon thing!


First Goal

  • Birth of CR7 SIUUU TOKEN – Coin concept development
  • Assemble the team
  • Roadmap and whitepaper creation
  • Official website launch
  • Social media creation – Building a community
  • Audit & KYC
  • Pre-sale
  • Pre-launch Marketing campaign


  • CR7 SIUUU TOKEN launch
  • AMA tour & marketing campaign
  • 1st Donation - $5.000 Charity donation target
  • CMC listing – listing on several platforms
  • 1st CEX listing
  • NFT Sneak peak - First
  • Build larger community


  • Community Meeting
  • Siu Bridge
  • SIU Swap
  • TIKTOK promotions
  • Website re-launch
  • SIUUU Social media wave – CR7 SIUUU Giveaways
  • Buy and win NFT
  • Publishing SIU brand's logo Main product prototype
  • Expand the team to meet the future needs
  • Updated 12 Months Roadmap



We have planned the following tokenomics in order to maintain stability within the token. Because we are pursuing true decentralization for this token, we will not be able to diverge from these.

Basic information:

Name : CR7 SIUUU

Ticker : SIU

Blockchain : BSC

Max supply : 198,502,050,007,007

Contract adress : 0x189bE390A9ED9FAd8F0AEF093d078bB606C90D8C

Tokens distribution:

Team & Development : 10%

Charity : 5%

Ecosystem : 12%

Locked : 15%

Community : 58%


Buy and sell : 7%

Marketing : 5%

Liquidity : 2%


Siuuu News

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Civil engineer-Business development -Entrepreneur

Khalid Cr.

Community development

Marketing & retail manager expert-community mod


Creative designer

Graphics designer - Architect-Creative mind-artist

Ahmed Binhussein


Graphic designer-website developer-photographer